new building range comus

A clear and simple range to meet the requirements of our painters and ensure them successful projects with products adapted to the type of construction site.
The comfort of the applicators (smell, glide, handling) and comfort of life (indoor air quality) are an integral part of the specifications of each product, in addition to the essential characteristics of a quality paint : high covering power , whiteness and

The economic projects: The PRO-100 range with effective, economical and opacifying paints

comacryl impression acrylique plaque de platre
comacryl acrylic mat acrylique peinture de finition comus

Renovation projects: The RENOV-300 range with multi-support paints, facilitating and saving time

IZI'PRIM Impression polyvalente pour murs et plafonds.
peinture acrylique multisupports en phase aqueuse aspect mat mur et plafond comus
izi mat peinture acrylique en phase aqueuse pictogramme
IZI'VELOURS Peinture acrylique interieur exterieur comus 15L
izi velours peinture acrylique interieur exterieur comus
IZI'SATIN Peinture acrylique interieur exterieur comus 15L

Careful and technical projects: The TECH-600 range with carefully finished paints and embedded technology that improve comfort and quality of life in the home

Styl'prim impression en phase aqueuse pour murs et plafonds
STYL’LAQUE MAT Peinture en phase aqueuse
STYL'LAQUE SATIN Peinture polyuréthane-acrylique